Rudin Management Company Joins CREtech Climate as a Founding Sponsor

The Mission Of CREtech Climate Is To Raise Awareness And Drive Investments In Critically Important Climate, Sustainability and ESG Movements In The Built World

New York, NY (April 09, 2021)CREtech Climate, a platform devoted to educating and inspiring investment in climate tech, sustainability and ESG throughout the Built World, is proud to announce Rudin Management Company as a new 2021 Founding Sponsor.

As industry leaders in sustainability and innovation,  and one of the most respected real estate companies in the industry, the addition of Rudin Management Company adds tremendous validity to the CREtech Climate’s mission to decarbonize the Built World. Rudin Management’s Senior Vice President, Michael Rudin, states, “Sustainability has always been a core principle for our firm, and now more than ever it has become a front and center topic for our industry. The platform that Michael Beckerman has created through CREtech and now CREtech Climate will help our industry to make the meaningful change that is so needed in our business and around the world. We look forward to working with Michael, the other founding sponsors and all stakeholders to make a lasting impact.” 

Michael Rudin will serve on the CREtech Climate Leadership Board to help steer initiatives and events that will drive the industry to decarbonize and embrace sustainability and ESG initiatives.

Rudin Management Company joins the esteemed founding sponsors Fifth Wall, EY, RXR, Oxford Properties Group, and Savills. These companies, as well as the distinguished industry partners Building Transparency, Urban Land Institute, MIT Center for Real Estate, Carbon Leadership Forum, NewCities, GRESB, and The Clean Fight, will continue to drive the change needed to create a more sustainable Built World.  

Michael Beckerman, CEO, CREtech Climate, “The Rudin brand is known for the highest standards of integrity, innovation and sustainability and it is therefore a great honor to welcome them as a Founding Sponsor of CREtech Climate. My sincere hope is that as the rest of the industry sees that the most successful and innovative companies in the world of real estate are embracing climate technologies, we will begin to see a groundswell of support for many of these strategies to create healthier, safer and most sustainable spaces to live and work. And in doing so, our industry will address climate change in a meaningful, measurable way.”

About Rudin Management Company

The Rudin Family owns and operates one of the largest privately held real estate portfolios in New York City. Among its real estate holdings, which includes the high-tech Dock 72 office tower at Brooklyn Navy Yard, are 16 commercial office buildings containing approximately 10.5 million square feet of space and 17 apartment buildings comprising over four million square feet of residences. A leader in sustainability, Rudin actively invests in climate tech companies that are used throughout its commercial portfolio, and is the developer of startup Prescriptive Data, a smart building technology company focused on using artificial intelligence to optimize tenant comfort and decrease carbon emissions. Since 2005, Rudin has reduced carbon emissions by 46% throughout its commercial portfolio. 

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About CREtech Climate

CREtech Climate serves as the “voice” of the real estate industry’s commitment to climate tech by developing a global consortium of thought-leaders, policy makers, venture capitalists, startups, and real estate companies. The overriding goal of CREtech Climate is to significantly reduce the industry’s carbon footprint by driving investments and encouraging the adoption of climate technologies as well as ESG/Sustainability initiatives.

About CREtech 

CREtech is Reimagining Real Estate. We are the largest international community of professionals devoted to technological innovation in the real estate sector. Our mission is to help the industry embrace, adopt, and future proof its businesses. Our streaming, live/virtual events, and consulting platform inspires the next generation of ideas, processes, and people to champion the world's largest asset class.

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