RiskFootprintTM Adds Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Determine Buildings’ Vulnerability to Floods

RiskFootprint™ has now added Artificial Intelligence-driven, First Floor Height (FFH) estimates
from True Flood Risk Inc. to its state-of-the-art, SaaS hazard assessments, www.riskfootprint.com.
This AI technology is based on proprietary machine learning, artificial intelligence tools and thirdparty APIs. True Flood Risk’s patented technology has access to over 100 million buildings
throughout the United States. Now, RiskFootprint™ users can begin to compare modeled flood
inundation depths with the first-floor heights to determine if their buildings may be vulnerable

Although the RiskFootprint™ report covers 35 separate flood, extreme weather, natural hazards, and
future climate impact risks, the most of any online, hazard assessment, it did not enable estimation
of flood vulnerability. This is mainly due to the absence of a national database for building
elevations with first floor heights.
A building’s First Floor Height (FFH), when overlaid with flood inundation models and maps, is a
strong predictive indicator of a building’s vulnerability to damage and loss. The addition of this
feature to RiskFootprint™ enhances its utility as a valuable tool for building owners/operators,
investors, lenders, insurers, and others to assess individual property flood risk and make more
informed decisions about buying/selling, insuring, and protecting physical assets.
Large buildings and multi-building complexes, however, may have multiple FFHs because of various
access points, sub-grades, underground parking, etc. In such cases, more in-depth studies may be
required, sometimes necessitating on-site visits, for a fuller understanding of flood vulnerabilities,
value-at-risk, and the benefits and costs of investing in resilience measures. For additional
information, please contact customerservice@riskfootprint.com.

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