New NGO from Berlin and London supports employees to take Climate Action

More and more employees are asking themselves what role they actually play, and want to play, in the work- place when it comes to sustainability and climate protection. A survey by the job board Stepstone recently showed that for 76% of employees the sustainability of their employers is very important, but only 52% rate their own company as sufficient in this respect.

The newly founded, Berlin and London based non-for-profit consultancy "planetgroups" now offers support. "We want to build on the largely untapped potential of employees when it comes to driving the corporate climate transformation", says founder Tim Riedel. "At the same time we want to offer a new, and more impactful avenue for taking action to those employees who feel concerned about climate crisis - since obviously our lever as con- sumers or voters alone is very limited."

In a nutshell planetgroups want to make companies more successful, the employees more purpose driven, with the planet regenerated. To achieve this, they offer a structured process, they facilitate exchange among de- partments and with planetgroups in other companies (both face to face and via an online collaboration plat- form called the "PlaNet"), and, last but not least, they have developed their own tools and designs, such as the "Climate Solution Game", in order to help employees on their way to tangible Climate Action.

On 10 September, planetgroups will be presenting themselves and their work at an online "Planet Day" with se- ven panel discussions, an online concert by singer-songwriter Steph Grace, and renowned speakers such as John Elkington, Mariana Bozesan, Patrick Graichen, Ragnhild Nilsen, Katharina Beck, Annika Joeres, Lino Zed- dies, and many others. The theme of the day: "Making it happen - Climate Action on the ground."

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