EV Breakthrough: Gravity Unlocks Solution to Parking Nightmare

Gravity, the pioneering electric vehicle fleet and infrastructure start-up, today announced Manhattan’s first and only True Fast Charging site will open this fall in the heart of Manhattan, on West 42nd Street. Gravity plans to rapidly scale the model with dozens of public parking garages across the city including a portfolio of new designs that can adapt to even the most space-constrained site.

Gravity’s first Midtown site represents a major breakthrough for the EV charging industry, which has struggled to deliver a full range of charging options to the e-driver—including fast charging in minutes—in space-constrained indoor settings most common in city environments. Overcoming this challenge positions Gravity to meet the ever-growing demand for charging space in New York’s core—something no other company has been able to solve. 

The 29-space street-level site located at Manhattan Plaza in Midtown, under license from Related Companies, with its own dedicated entrance on 42nd street, will provide charging options for every use case—from fast-charging in minutes to overnight charging for long-term parkers. Deploying state-of-the-art innovation in charging hardware, cables, cable management, authentication and payment processing, as well as uniform user-friendly user interfaces, Gravity will provide a flexible, convenient and seamless experience to EV drivers which they plan to replicate at dozens of sites across the five boroughs.

Adjacent to the Lincoln Tunnel, this first facility will offer fast, convenient charging for EV fleets and private electric vehicles in the heart of Midtown while also serving as a charging hub for Gravity’s new fleet of all-electric yellow taxis. This marks the first in a series of new partnerships with major commercial and residential owners. Gravity has surveyed hundreds of parking garages across New York City, analyzed their space and power constraints, and developed a portfolio of design solutions to retrofit them for EV charging on a scale never attempted before.

“This is a technological leap for big cities like New York that have struggled to meet demand for charging in space-constrained indoor garages. We’re opening the first True Fast Charging in Manhattan, and now we are poised to rapidly scale our solution across New York City and beyond,” said Moshe Cohen, founder and CEO of Gravity. “For every EV driver who has experienced false advertising, lackluster charging speeds or inaccessible locations, we’re here to revolutionize your experience. Tesla has set the bar with its V3 Superchargers. Gravity aims to surpass that experience for all EVs, and to bring it to the heart of densely populated cities.”

Hi-res renderings of the Manhattan Plaza facility: https://www.truefastcharging.com/

Gravity’s preview of custom charging space solutions: https://www.truefastcharging.com/preview/gravity-charging-center

“Related is a champion of environmentally conscious design, construction and operation in real estate and remains devoted to reducing the environmental footprint at our properties,” said Jeff Brodsky, vice chairman of Related Companies. “We are proud to be a part of this monumental moment in offering sustainable, True Fast Charging in Manhattan through Gravity and its unique innovation.”

“In New York City and Westchester, transportation is the second largest and the only growing source of carbon emissions,” said Raghusimha Sudhakara, Con Edison’s director of Demonstration Projects and Electric Vehicles. “That’s why in addition to providing incentives to make EV ownership more affordable, we’re making charging more convenient for New Yorkers by supporting projects like Gravity’s True Fast Charging in Manhattan. It’s a win-win for our customers and the environment.”

Charging Options:

The 29-space parking facility will accommodate the 3 charging use cases Gravity has identified:

·         True Fast Charging: Using equipment capable of up to 180Kw of power or greater, roughly equivalent to the speed and ease of outdoor V3 Tesla Superchargers, Gravity truly meets the acute need for True Fast Charging in urban areas. This new equipment will also ensure Gravity’s fleet of yellow taxis will only be off the road charging for the time it takes for daily service and disinfection of the vehicles.  With its combination of high-capacity equipment and high-current (400amp or greater) charging cables, Gravity ensures that in all its True Fast Charging sites, drivers will receive greater than necessary charging speeds required to ensure a full charge in minutes not hours—on-demand charging while the driver waits.  

·         Intermediate Charging: Charge in 1-3 hours using 24-30Kw equipment, convenient for drivers parking while they go to restaurants, theaters, museums, and meetings.

·         Slow Charging: Charge overnight or in 6-8 hours using 11Kw equipment, convenient for residents using overnight or long-term parking, or full day-time parking. 

Convenient Location:

Located at 401 West 42nd Street, Manhattan Plaza’s garage is in close proximity to Midtown offices, theaters, restaurants, the Lincoln Tunnel, the West Side Highway, Hudson Yards, and the growing number of West Midtown residential buildings. It’s an ideal site for residents, commuters and visitors, as well as for Gravity’s new fleet of fully electric yellow taxis launching this year.

Positive Environmental Impact:

Gravity estimates the Manhattan Plaza facility will support charging for roughly 600 electric vehicles a day, including its own fleet of all-electric yellow taxis.  This translates to support for thousands of EV owners, who on-average deplete a full battery less than once a week.  

Seamless Customer Experience:

Gravity offers a unique and seamless experience to users. A simple touch-screen helps users adjust and monitor their vehicle’s charging while they wait in comfortable seating, or leave their vehicles to explore the surrounding neighborhood. All equipment is standardized and simplified: just drive up and plug in.  This first Gravity Charging Space will also have 24/7 attendants, offering the public the option to have the vehicle parked in the connected Manhattan Plaza parking garage, immediately following charging: drop-off and go.  

As part of Gravity and Related Companies’ mission to electrify cities, Gravity charging spaces are all open to the public.  Parking is also complementary while vehicles are being charged.  At Manhattan Plaza, charging will be priced at the cost of providing the electricity, without markup.

Welcoming Design:

Collaborating with internationally renowned architect Jasmit Rangr, Gravity is transforming garages from dark, fume filled spaces to attractive, welcoming and sleek places to house the new generation of clean electric vehicles. Gravity’s charging centers are designed to provide amenities such as informational touch screens in a welcoming ambiance of tactile structures and live plants.

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