CREtech Climate, Fifth Wall, and ULI Launch A Critical Survey for Owners, Operators, and Asset Managers

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Fifth Wall partnered with the Urban Land Institute and CREtech / CREtech Climate to launch the first-ever survey to measure how much real estate companies are investing into Climate Tech. This will bring accountability to an industry where there are a lot of grandstanding sustainability claims made by real estate firms BUT THOSE CLAIMS ARE NOT BACKED UP WITH ACTUAL INVESTMENT IN R&D/CLIMATE TECH. Real estate firms often conflate / are deliberately misleading about what they are spending on: (1) deployments of existing technology (which is not the same thing as R&D), (2) buying carbon offsets, (3) how much they are actually investing into R&D Climate Tech to decarbonize. #3 is the only way to actually decarbonize real estate and sadly many real estate firms have invested ZERO into Climate Tech. This survey will separate who in real estate is simply #greenwashing and who is actually investing into R&D/ Climate Tech to decarbonize. We believe the public, tenants, capital markets investors, and public regulators should know this information. So please encourage any real estate firms that are committed to sustainability to participate. Take the survey here.

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