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Smart Facade & Windows Archives - CREtech Climate

daryn April 21, 2022

Inside a German factory, robots assemble panels molded to fit precisely over the walls of an old apartment building like a second skin, with built-in insulation designed to help the building dramatically cut energy use. It’s part of a system aimed at solving one of the challenges of transitioning to a net-zero world: With so many outdated, inefficient buildings, which ar...

Lauren January 13, 2022

In a recently built office building in Boulder, Colorado, there are solar panels on the roof. But the building also has one of the world’s first installations of solar-window technology—transparent panels that look like ordinary windows, but also invisibly generate energy.

brandonlin August 21, 2021

Lindsey Baker, a world renowned environmentalist, sits down with Michael Beckerman to discuss the major role that buildings play in global carbon emissions, and talk more about what steps the industry is currently taking to address the evolving climate crisis, while also addressing best practices organizations can take to future-proof their portfolios.

This month, as torrential rain poured from thunderstorming clouds, there were flash floods. In east London, Pudding Mill’s Docklands Light Railway Station was submerged. In the capital’s West End, water coursed through Covent Garden’s tube station. Barts Health, London’s largest NHS trust, declared a major incident after water flooded the basement at Whipps Cross H...

brandonlin August 02, 2021

VAXJO, Sweden — Stockholm and its suburbs are filled with construction cranes these days, reflecting a growing population combined with a housing shortage. But few of its developments are as extensive as Hagastaden, just to the north of central Stockholm where it meets the neighboring municipality of Solna.

brandonlin July 29, 2021

Dutch developer EDGE has received planning permission for what it says will be the UK capital’s greenest tower.

Designed by Pilbrow & Partners to achieve both BREEAM Outstanding and WELL Platinum certification, EDGE London Bridge is a 27-storey, 260,000 sq ft tower that “promises to maximise the wellbeing of its ...

brandonlin July 26, 2021

Queens may be a New York City borough, but it has smart city ambitions. The densely populated district aims to become a "smart borough" through an initiative that emphasizes tech and infrastructure modernization. 

brandonlin July 26, 2021

They're marketing Water Street Tampa's new Thousand & One as the city’s first anticipated WELL Core- and Shell-certified office building and first trophy office tower in nearly 30 years.

brandonlin July 20, 2021

NEEDHAM, Mass. —The New England Forestry Foundation, or NEFF, is dedicated to improving forestry practices and stewardship of our forests. Their Exemplary Forestry report provides a road map to a healthier, more productive New England forest, one that can ...

brandonlin July 18, 2021

On the hottest days of summer, temperatures in Baltimore can soar into the triple digits. But the heat doesn’t blanket the city evenly: Sunlight radiating off asphalt roofs and roads and seeping into brick and concre...