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Smart Cities Archives - CREtech Climate

daryn August 30, 2023

The majority of cities expect these extreme heat hazards to be more intense in the future and more frequent

daryn July 18, 2022

The Indian city of Ahmedabad is joining the C40 Cities global network as a mega city member to help accelerate climate resilient and sustainable development.

daryn July 14, 2022

Thailand is planning to build a $37 billion smart city in an industrial hub near Bangkok that’s already drawn billions of dollars of investment pledges from global automotive, robotics, healthcare and logistics companies.

Lauren July 13, 2022

Among those clamoring to get their orders are city governments that want to take the electrification of their fleets to the next level. Across the country, Pro models of the Lightning are arriving at municipal depots for a variety of use cases.

Lauren July 12, 2022

Manufacturers of commercial electric vehicles are poised to play an increasingly larger role in the logistics sector, as e-commerce demand continues to surge and strain supply chain responses.

Lauren July 12, 2022

The city-led project finds that simple changes to indoor ventilation systems can significantly decrease the transmission of Covid-19 and reduce energy consumption in office buildings.

Lauren July 12, 2022

The project is masterminded by URB and provides the highest standards of social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Various hubs will transform the city into a unique destination as well as an attraction for eco-tourists and medical tourists.

Lauren July 07, 2022

Under newly proposed federal regulations published in the Federal Register on June 22, the Federal Highway Administration would require that charging networks funded under the National Electric Vehicle Infras...

Lauren July 07, 2022

An electric-vehicle charging station that can juice hundreds of cars a day and set up with two batteries that can send power to the UK grid is opening in Oxford.

Lauren July 05, 2022

ICT and internet of things technologies will be integrated into Alnama Smart City’s infrastructure to create an intelligent and collaborative ecosystem.