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Retail Archives - CREtech Climate

Lauren March 21, 2022

Rooftop solar panels are old news, but solar panels in the parking lot have one of the most ubiquitous big-box retailers thinking net-zero. Target Corp. has retrofitted a store in Vista, California, to be a net-zero energy facility. The site will generate more renewable energy than it needs to operate and will test various other changes to its physical plant to reduce t...

brandonlin July 25, 2021
Instacart Inc. is entering the warehouse business, seeking to expand its reach in an increasingly competitive food delivery market. The grocery delivery company said it would start building fulfillment centers for supermarkets over the next 12 months, in partnership with technology company Fabric, in or near grocery stores, with capacity for 10,000 to 50,000 items.
brandonlin July 22, 2021

The biggest global trade association for the retail real estate industry is rebranding to update its image amid massive changes in the way people shop.

The International Council of Shopping Centers announced Monday its initials ICSC will now stand for Innovating Commerce Serving Communities. ICSC said the changes have been about nine months i...

brandonlin July 20, 2021
For the last decade or so, malls have been dying. Surprisingly, the pandemic may save them.
brandonlin July 20, 2021
Face-recognition tech is coming to a store near you, if it's not there already, and that's sparking a new wave of opposition.
brandonlin July 15, 2021
(London, Thursday 10th June 2021): Goldacre Ventures (Goldacre), a VC firm based in London focusing on the Smart Built Environment, is excited to announce that applications are now open for its annual scale-up programme,
brandonlin July 14, 2021
Ask anyone who runs a fulfillment/warehouse robotics company what companies’ top motivation is for embracing automation and they’ll probably cite labor shortages or shipping speeds. The looming truth of the matter boils down to one word: Amazon. And while it’s true that smaller businesses are feeling the worst crunch, no one is immune to the online retailer’s dominance. Not even Walmart.
brandonlin July 12, 2021
When Robert Reffkin started his first business in high school, as a DJ, he offered customers a guarantee. They got as many as 20 requested songs or their money back. Years later, he said he applied that same approach to the management of Compass, a real estate technology company he founded in 2012.
brandonlin July 11, 2021
Whether you own or manage commercial properties—or work with investors looking for healthy returns—you understand the need for an open, transparent relationship with tenants. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, going back more than 25 years, shows that only about 45–50 percent of private-sector businesses survive their first five years of operation, regardless of the economy. Busi...
brandonlin July 08, 2021
With coronavirus pandemic conditions easing in the U.S. but the future of shopping malls still uncertain, mall owners are constant...