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Residential Archives - CREtech Climate

daryn July 22, 2022

With pressure mounting for cities to address affordable housing needs, decarbonize buildings, and meet sustainability goals, housing technology company Intelligent City raised CAD 22 million (USD 17 million), bringing the total capital invested in the company to CAD 30 million (USD 23 million). As one of the first companies in North America to apply automation and robotics...

Lauren July 07, 2022

Blackhorn Ventures is thrilled to announce that AGORUS, an exceptional San Diego-based team working to streamline residential homebuilding through fractional prefabrication, recently emerged from stealth and announced their seed capital raise. We’re proud to invest alongside our friends at Toyota Vent...

Lauren July 05, 2022

Sovereign Housing is installing smart sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity levels in properties, minimising issues including damp in properties in the UK town of Basingstoke.

daryn June 30, 2022

Major multifamily developers and property managers have already factored environmental, social and governance considerations into their plans and projects. ESG can impact financing and insurance costs, as well as how regulators, analysts, prospective tenants and recruits view their firms. It rarely determines which communities get financed or insured at this point, real es...

daryn June 29, 2022

In 2010, the Dutch government launched a program to sharply cut carbon dioxide emissions from one of the world’s largest and most problematic sources: homes.

daryn June 28, 2022

Shiny silver panels hug the walls of Andy Frank’s attic; they vaguely remind me of a child’s robot Halloween costume. A sticky-looking foam lines both the gaps in the attic’s floorboards and the roof, plugging up holes where squirrels could have once taken shelter.

daryn June 06, 2022

Berlin-based Ecoworks has brought in €7.7 million in funding to automate the design process for retrofitting housing stock. After commissioning the first serial carbon-neutral renovation in Germany, the company plans to scale its solution and work on further automating planning and on a new product release to increase the prefabrication level.

daryn April 26, 2022

A new design for an all-electric backyard house comes with extra-large solar panels and batteries that can make and store more power than the tiny home actually needs—allowing the unit to help bring renewable energy to the main house on the lot and begin to pay for itself through savings on energy bills.

daryn April 21, 2022

Inside a German factory, robots assemble panels molded to fit precisely over the walls of an old apartment building like a second skin, with built-in insulation designed to help the building dramatically cut energy use. It’s part of a system aimed at solving one of the challenges of transitioning to a net-zero world: With so many outdated, inefficient buildings, which ar...