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Other Archives - CREtech Climate

daryn May 03, 2022

Tree cover losses in northern regions of the world were the highest on record in 2021, according to new analysis from Global Forest Watch.

daryn May 02, 2022

The Brutalist Pirelli building was once voted the ugliest structure in Connecticut. Now the hulking 1970 mid-rise has earned a new superlative: the most energy-efficient hotel in the United States.

daryn April 08, 2022


Scholarships Available to the Living Future 2022 Online Conference

Focused on Restoration + Justice

Dr. Ro...

Lauren August 19, 2021

The World’s Most Important Real Estate Tech Networking Event Is Back Live In NYC On Oct. 13-14 Join us this Fall for 2 days of in-person networking, demos and keynote presentations to drive new business like never before. Join 1000+ leaders at real estate’s premier

brandonlin August 05, 2021

When Hurricane Harvey dumped as much as 60 inches of rain on Houston in 2017—turning highways into rivers, flooding nearly 100,000 homes, and killing 68 people—part of the problem had to do with pavement. The city, which sprawls over 600 square miles, has covered former wetlands with parking lots, sidewalks, and roads, so water can no longer soak into the ground; in he...

brandonlin August 05, 2021

As the banking sponsor of COP26, the UN’s climate change conference in Glasgow later this year, NatWest Group is telling the world that it takes sustainability seriously. By attaching its name to the event, the bank has invited people to ask what exactly it’s doing for the planet.

In recent years, the bank has substa...

brandonlin August 02, 2021

The business innovation hub will focus on climate tech start-ups and scale-ups in particular, offering cost-effective office space that seeks to enable emerging companies to prosper.

brandonlin July 29, 2021

A prominent energy venture capital firm and large companies including Microsoft and Duke Energy are launching a new fund to help diversify the clean technology startup sector.

brandonlin July 28, 2021
There's so much private equity and infrastructure fund action in the climate tech space these days that it's hard to keep up, Ben writes.
brandonlin July 28, 2021
At a beach cleanup, volunteers or workers usually focus on picking up pieces of trash like plastic water bottles or food packaging. But the sand is often filled with the tinier scraps of plastic that are left behind as those items break down. And while it’s possible to begin to collect them—using a mesh screen to sift pieces of plastic from the sand—it’s a gargantuan task.