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Office Archives - CREtech Climate

daryn August 16, 2023

The Skyline Skills Recommendations Report highlights the critical need for greater access to a skilled, diverse workforce which is trained and qualified to construct, retrofit, and manage the commercial buildings of tomorrow. 

daryn July 05, 2023

Brookfield Properties announced the entire U.S. office portfolio it manages will be powered by zero emissions electricity by 2026.

daryn May 17, 2023

Peeling Back the Layers: Investors are grappling with "stranded assets", as obsolete offices face rising vacancies. Driven largely by hybrid work models, uncertain demand for office space has made offices a source of anxiety in the CRE market. Over 100M Sqft of office space is currently vacant in the UK, and the trend is accelerating. In particular, older...

daryn February 28, 2023
  • The early update to its most recognised publication, ‘Guide to Specification’, responds to challenges emerging from the pandemic and the accelerating need for the built environment to address climate change.
    • Implications: The BCO's latest guidelines contain a raft of measures to foster greener offices that are healthier for both occupiers - on ...
daryn December 21, 2022

A two-year study of Prescriptive Data’s Nantum OS energy conservation measures at an office building owned by The Tower Companies and with support from Berkeley National Labs and the DOE showed 6% whole building savings per year across all ECMs.

daryn November 23, 2022

New data shows that the greenest office buildings are now selling for more than a quarter more than their less sustainable counterparts.

daryn October 26, 2022

The office market is exposed to the risk of reduced demand due to the rise of hybrid working. Savills have estimated that companies may require about 10% less office space on average in the coming years due to changes in working patterns. Nevertheless, market evidence shows that corporate demand for the healthiest, most energy efficient—so-called ‘green’—offices re...

daryn August 24, 2022

It’s true that my co-workers were not happy when I broke the news four years ago that one of the two restaurant-size coffee machines in the office kitchen had to go. One machine went mostly unused, and together the two consumed 1 percent of the total energy used annually by the building. One percent may not sound like much, but our goal was net zero — getting our build...

Lauren July 12, 2022

The city-led project finds that simple changes to indoor ventilation systems can significantly decrease the transmission of Covid-19 and reduce energy consumption in office buildings.

Lauren July 07, 2022

Global real estate investor Hines announced today a new climate target to reach net zero across all buildings by 2040. The company aims to achieve its goal through investments in renewable technologies and energy efficiency measures, and without purchasing offsets.