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Net-Zero Archives - CREtech Climate

daryn October 18, 2023

The building, which will use far less energy than a conventional design, is the latest example of the efficiency standard’s growing popularity.

daryn September 27, 2023

Prologis Park Eindhoven DC4 is the very first logistics building worldwide to receive Zero Carbon Certification from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), which assesses projects and buildings on sustainability throughout their lifecycle.

daryn September 20, 2023

The Stack, Vancouver's tallest commercial building, is setting new standards for environmental and workplace excellence in Canada.

daryn August 02, 2023

World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) releases the fifth edition of the Advancing Net Zero Status Report, packed with examples of industry collaboration and accelerated action to address emissions from the built environment.

Lauren June 06, 2023

By 2030, approximately 60% of the world’s population will live in cities, according to the UN’s World Cities Report 2020. It is therefore vital that these urban centres play a leading role in the quest for a net-zero future.

daryn May 30, 2023

Why It Matters: Carbon Title has launched 'Carbon Title Explorer', a free tool that provides visibility into the carbon footprint of over 100M buildings in the U.S. The tool aims to empower building owners and the public to make informed decisions and take action to reduce emissions, driving decarbonization in the built environment. Carbon Title's databas...

daryn May 24, 2023

The Significance: The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) has developed BuildingSync, a data collection and management tool to assist municipalities and building owners in planning energy efficiency and decarbonization investments. The tool streamlines energy audits and facilitates the exchange of energy-related information, helping cities meet complianc...

daryn May 03, 2023

Unpacking the Details: The Lego Group has begun construction on its $1B carbon-neutral factory in Virginia, US, with an expected completion date by 2025. The facility will feature on-site solar power generation, providing a total electricity capacity of 30-35MW. The factory aims to be entirely carbon-neutral during operations and suppor...

daryn April 12, 2023
  • Second annual competition offers multiple awards for designs that showcase mass timber's application, commercial viability, and role as a natural climate solution.
    • What this entails: The competition will award $2 million to support building projects that advance the pace of low-carbon mass timber adoption in the US. Finalists will be selected based ...
daryn February 08, 2023

As the EU aims for climate neutrality by 2050, key industries such as the manufacturing of wind turbines, solar panels, and battery-electric vehicles must be ready to supply the necessary technologies to decarbonise the economy.