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Hospitality Archives - CREtech Climate

brandonlin August 03, 2021

There should be no added cost – in 2 decades of working with hotels on environmental sustainability I have never found a hotel that spent more than they saved – even with large capital investment projects as the savings paid for the investment. We need to constantly highlight that Being Green does not mean higher costs, nor does it mean being mean. In fact, Being Green...

brandonlin July 08, 2021
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has mentioned that he now lives in a ~$50K house at Starbase, Texas, where his private space company, SpaceX, is manufacturing its Starships. Based on images of the home, it appears that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is indeed living modestly in a prefabricated housing unit that’s only about 400 square feet.
brandonlin July 07, 2021
The events of the past several weeks have changed the world of work for today, and into the foreseeable future.  Since March of 2020, the majority of office-occupying industries have been working from home, while sheltering in place. This abrupt shift in workplace operations has resulted in significant behavioral changes that may have a lasting impact on workspace design and use, while simultane...