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Environment Archives - CREtech Climate

daryn April 05, 2023
  • The report from the IPCC is a ‘final reminder’ that the global community urgently needs to mobilise and scale available solutions to deliver a decarbonised, sustainable and resilient future for all global citizens.
    • Why this matters: It's well-documented that the built environment accounts for ~37% of global carbon emissions and over 1/3 of energ...
daryn September 14, 2022

Climate Alpha announces the launch of its
data-driven product suite, offering property
developers, asset managers, and insurers
risk-adjusted valuations, resilience scores, and
site selection rankings for locations all across
America and soon globally.

Climate Alpha is a software platform featuring

daryn July 27, 2022

As a global real estate investor, I’m motivated by the speed at which climate and carbon reduction strategies have taken hold across the world. But I’m noticing a blind spot in today’s market: the pricing of carbon. The built environment, responsible for 38% of global carbon emissions, is a major producer of carbon. Although some areas and companies have made signifi...

daryn July 21, 2022

The heat wave wreaking havoc on Western Europe signals the arrival of a new era: Extreme heat events that would have been virtually impossible without human-caused global warming are now a deadly reality, Andrew writes.

Why it matters: This extreme heat has left some climate scientists shaken and dismayed at how prescien...

Lauren July 11, 2022

From Italy to Japan, record-breaking temperatures have been recorded across the Northern Hemisphere in the past month.

Lauren July 07, 2022

YC-backed climate tech startup Pina Earth has closed a $2.5 million seed round of funding a year after being founded and a few months since it presented at the accelerator’s 

Lauren July 05, 2022

A public hearing last month turned into the latest flashpoint between California regulators and a coalition of environmental and social justice activists over how the state should achieve its ambitious climate agenda.

daryn June 24, 2022

The U.S. Department of Energy says that highway vehicles release about 1.7 billion tons of greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere each year – mainly in the form of carbon dioxide – contributing to global climate change. These gases pose a lot of havoc to human existence, hence the several conversations around climate change. Green technologies find applications in...

daryn June 17, 2022

BeeHero, ECOncrete, Ecoplant, Plantish, and ESGgo are active in different sectors, but are all companies trying to make the world a better place

daryn June 17, 2022

My high school history teacher, Mrs. Monahon (NOT Monahan, she told us frequently), liked to say, “The gates of history turn on tiny hinges,” and she spent a lot of time teaching us about some of them, like the Confederate courier who was intercepted shortly before the battle of Gettysburg with the plans for the attack in his satchel. The rest, as they say, is history....