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Energy-as-a-service Archives - CREtech Climate

daryn August 10, 2022

When the third largest shopping centres investor in the US decided to unify energy management systems across 17 sites, it called on Buildings IOT to integrate them without disrupting operations. Ryan Knudson, VP of corporate responsibility & sustainability at Macerich, explains how the company worked with Buildings IOT on the project it called EMS 2.0.

In Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, local environmentalists and devotees of the Burning Man festival are using the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to oppose a geothermal energy plant. Further south, the Sierra Club has joined with all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts to stop development of what would be the nation’s largest solar farm, which it says threatens endangered...

Lauren February 18, 2022

The state had 7,352 megawatts of new wind, solar and energy storage projects come online during the year, according to a report issued this week by the American Clean Power Association, a trade group.

Lauren February 07, 2022

The nation’s largest electric grid operator, PJM Interconnection, is so clogged with requests from energy developers seeking connections to its  regional transmission network in the eastern United States that it is proposing a two-year pause on reviewing more than 1,200 energy projects, most of them solar power.

Lauren January 18, 2022

If energy efficiency is an important factor in where you choose to live, the annual Clean Energy Scorecard — which ranks 100 of the largest U.S. cities according to their policies for greater energy efficiency — can help you gauge just how green your home city, o...

Lauren January 18, 2022

The Volvo VNR Electric truck model forms part of Volvo’s all-electric heavy duty truck line, which the company launched in November 2020. The initial class 8 VNR model was introduced in North America in late 2020, featuring a 240 km range. The enhanced VNR, featuring imp...

Lauren January 18, 2022

Electric vehicles were originally designed to draw power from the electric grid, but as the technology has advanced and EVs are more widely implemented, they are becoming more valuable to commercial building owners as a potential power source, and can also provide power to the grid.

Lauren January 18, 2022

The year 2021 placed exceptional demands on electricity markets around the world. Strong economic growth, combined with colder winters and warmer summers, boosted global electricity demand by more than 6% – the largest increase since the recovery from the financial crisis in 2010. The fast rebound in overall energy demand strained supply chains for coal and natural gas, ...

Lauren December 20, 2021

GLOSTER, Miss. — Carmella Wren-Causey knew something was wrong as soon as she returned to her hometown last year, a place where she’d slept on her grandmother’s screened porch to smell the sweet, crisp fragrance of longleaf pines on summer evenings. Though it had been years since Wren-Causey, 60, had smoked her last cigarette, she was having a harder and harder time ...

Lauren August 11, 2021

A new initiative from a diverse array of groups from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to the Edison Electric Institute and major automaker trade organizations is launching Wednesday.