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Embodied Carbon Mitigation Archives - CREtech Climate

Lauren June 06, 2023

With real estate accounting for 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions, an increasing number of eyes are on the industry to reduce its carbon footprint, not only in terms of operational carbon generated running the building day-to-day but also in terms of embodied carbon, such as the emissions required to manufacture and transport the materials that make the building.

brandonlin July 06, 2021

At the fringes of Brazil’s vast farming heartland, technology startup Agrorobótica has built a device the size of an office printer to measure carbon in the soil and help farmers get certified for a budding carbon market.

Government officials, business executives and climate experts say Brazil, an agricultural powerho...

Lauren May 21, 2021

CREtech Climate Summit Brings Together Climate Tech Le...

Lauren May 04, 2021

Libelium is calling for cities with severe levels of air pollution and extreme meteorological conditions to take part in a test of its new air quality measurement technology.

Lauren April 23, 2021

President Biden has made a bold commitment as part of his assertive climate agenda to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions 50-52 percent below 2005 levels by 2030—doubling the the current U.S. climate targets. With this announcement, the Biden administration sends a clear signal of a sharp break from the last four years of climate backsliding toward a strong new U.S. commit...

lenashapiro April 21, 2021

CarbonCure selected as most scalable breakthrough technology to convert CO2 emissions into useable products.

lenashapiro April 12, 2021

Formed in 2020, Building Transparency hosts, manages and maintains the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) tool, which provides thousands of digital EPDs in a free, open-source database. 

lenashapiro March 31, 2021

Microsoft, Shopify, and others are backing new carbon-removal projects. Good idea?