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CREtech Climate Archives - CREtech Climate

daryn July 14, 2022

Spencer Levy, Global Chief Client Officer and Senior Economic Advisor at CBRE, discusses the significance of ESG in conversations about modern day investing, how PropTech is propelling investment ESG, why some areas are slower to embrace climate regulations than others, and how we can push the entire built environment industry to recognize and embrace sustainability.

daryn May 20, 2022

Architecture firm Gensler’s ESG consultancy director, Juliette Morgan, has warned that the real estate sector and global population is facing a “collective near-death experience” in the face of the climate crisis. Speaking at the CREtech Climate event in Copenhagen this week, Morgan said that as the threat of climate change

daryn May 20, 2022

For Michael Beckerman, the conversation began as a means of brainstorming for virtual conferences in the midst of the pandemic. Soon it would become a full-fledged epiphany.