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Climate Resilience Archives - CREtech Climate

daryn September 20, 2023

Amid soaring temperatures, Arizona has seen success with utility programs that incentivize people to turn down the AC when the power grid is stressed.

daryn September 13, 2023

“We are in a climate change emergency,” said Rohit T. Aggarwala. “And two things are unhelpful in an emergency: Panic and despair.”

daryn August 30, 2023

The majority of cities expect these extreme heat hazards to be more intense in the future and more frequent

daryn May 17, 2023

Unpacking The Details: In this piece, leaders from AI-enabled analytics platform ZestyAI explore how AI can enhance property insurers' underwriting models to address climate-related risks. Key challenges such as regulatory approval, outdated IT infrastructure, and the talent gap in the insurance industry are also unpacked. The adoption of AI in insurance ...

daryn April 19, 2023
  • RiskFootprint™, the US leader in due diligence PropTech, announced that it has included the new FEMA National Risk Index hazard scores for eighteen natural hazards in its state-of-the-art hazard and climate impact reports.
    • What's next: With the inclusion of the FEMA National Risk Index hazard scores, Community Resilience Scores, and EPA Air Q...
daryn March 15, 2023
  • Parag Khanna thinks things will be OK. He has faith in humanity’s ability to adapt to climate-juiced natural disasters, as long as the market is allowed to respond accordingly.
    • The intrigue: Parag Khanna's company, Climate Alpha, factors in climate risk and other salient factors to forecast real estate values, and has recently launched a tool...
daryn January 11, 2023

I am standing in the future — it is inside a giant black cube of a building near Manchester. Here, at the world’s first laboratory of its kind, scientists will test the homes of tomorrow in every weather the climate emergency is set to bring.

daryn December 21, 2022

Global sea levels are rising. They’ve risen 10cm since 1993 and are projected to rise further still. What are planners doing to anticipate this watery Armageddon, asks Jeremy Hinds of Savills.

daryn September 21, 2022

Natural hazards like storms, floods and other extreme weather events are increasing in frequency and intensity, impacting business operations and increasing financial risks. There have been nine climate-related disasters in the U.S. this year, well above the 40-year average of 7.7 annual disasters, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information.

Throw a dart at a globe, and you will hit a recent, or current, climate-related disaster. In July, 100 million Americans were under an extreme heat warning, Western Europe was on fire, London broke 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and Delhi, which broke 120 degrees for the first time in May, was again experiencing a deadly heat wave. Each one of these events is an outlier, but take...