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Building Automation Archives - CREtech Climate

daryn May 16, 2022

UL, a global safety science leader, announced a new partnership with InSite, a provider of building intelligence solutions that enable organizations to optimize performance of real estate assets, achieve sustainability goals and fulfill environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting requirements.

Lauren January 13, 2022

Mark Farmer, chief executive of Cast and Chris Bone, co-founder of digital ConTech firm Modulous, sat down with Andrew Teacher from Blackstock Consulting in the latest episode of BossCast to discuss how construction is getting on five years after the Farmer Review warned the sector must “modernise or die”.

brandonlin August 01, 2021

Forestry preservation and restoration projects can play an important role in fighting climate change. And companies that are looking to reduce their carbon footprints—and achieve net-zero—are increasingly willing to fund these efforts through the purchase of carbon offsets. By some estimates, the market for carbon offsets could be worth $100 billion by the end of the d...

brandonlin July 27, 2021

Technological solutions to climate change can be put into two categories. Vertical solutions that tackle pollution in one sector, say low-carbon fertilizers that help reduce emissions in agriculture. Or horizontal solutions that address issues across many different industries, say lithium-io...

Lauren May 05, 2021

Proptech company OJO Labs and climate property risk platform ClimateCheck have launched an exclusive partnership that will place ClimateCheck’s risk assessment reports on list...

Lauren May 04, 2021

And so, Shan Arora, who oversees Georgia Tech’s Kendeda Building, troops visitors pretty quickly to a ground floor bathroom where the toilet begins to hum, and then foam. There’s no conventional flushing, with the toilets consuming only a teaspoon of water per use. And the waste is composted in digesters in the basement instead of being piped to a treatment plant.

lenashapiro April 23, 2021

Clark Construction Group is pleased to announce the company’s participation as a founding member of the Building Innovation Hub, the District of Columbia’s premier entity connecting building industry professionals and providing resources and education to design, build, and operate buildings more sustainably. 

lenashapiro April 12, 2021

Silicon Valley got a black eye a decade ago when its big venture capital foray into expensive and nascent cleantech didn't pan out — but its recently renewed interest in a wider scope of technologies that can tackle the climate crisis could be different this time around.

lenashapiro April 12, 2021

These 645-square-foot domed buildings were printed in Italy over the course of 200 hours.

lenashapiro April 01, 2021

Rise in 3D-printed homes comes as California’s housing crisis continues to rage, with 1.8m to 3.5m new units needed by 2025